Welcome to the Navy Exchange Retired Employees Association (NEREA) web site. It is our intention, to keep you informed on matters connected with NEREA, and provide you with links of interest from employment in the Navy Exchange Command.

    The Officers and Board of Directors and the local chapter officers of NEREA want to keep you up to date on issues and activities, jog your memories with sea stories of past happenings and enlist your interest and participation in NEREA. We will do this by publishing the NEREA NEWSLETTER quarterly and posting it on this web site. This will allow you to keep current through the President’s letter, reports from the Chapters, listing of recent retirees and deceased members, scholarship information, financial reports, pension information, convention information and happenings and points of contact at NEREA, Chapters and NEXCOM for assistance. We will also keep you informed of the NEREA Board of Directors meetings by posting the minutes of the meetings.

    We welcome your comments to make this website as meaningful as possible to you. Sharing stories of your employment in the Navy Exchange or your current activities in retirement are most welcome. Please forward them to the editor, Jeff Harrity, at or mail them to NEREA, P.O. Box 62189, Virginia Beach, VA  23466-2189.