NEREA New England had our fall meeting at Greg's on October 24th. We had 23 members in
attendance. The treasure's report was given and accepted.

A letter acknowledging the receipt of our scholarship donation was read. Pauline Schobert then reminded
us who this program was available for and that further information could be found in the newsletter.
Our president, Kathy Martin, expressed for all of us the chapter's appreciation to Pat Taylor for holding
our annual summer meeting/picnic. A great time was has by all attending. We held our 50/50 raffle which
was won by Joann Nadeu. Fred Nalle, Pauline Schobert and Art Schobert won raffle prizes donated by
fellow members. A lovely luncheon was enjoyed and much laughed completed our meeting. We will meet
again in January to share more memories and holiday events.

Kathy Pridgen – Secretary


Happy New Year and greetings from our beautiful state of Hawaii. I want to thank our faithful retirees for
being so generous and donating wonderful gifts for our door prizes and for making our annual Christmas
party a success. It was held at the beautiful Waikele Country Club. A very special thank-you to member
Shirlene Yoro-Delgado for once again taking charge of all our party decorations, beautiful prize baskets
and games. About 45 people attended, we were in luck to find a place on such late notice.
Due to my health issues in the past year, I was uncertain if I would be able to coordinate any more events
for the rest of the year, but thanks to supportive family, friends and many prayers things are looking bright
for 2012. I will info members of our next "Let's Talk Stories" get-together soon. Aloha to all!

Susan Segawa – President


Our Winter Meeting/Christmas Party was held 7 December 2011 at the Anchors Catering Center located
at Naval Base San Diego. A total of 30 members attended. Attendees enjoyed a delicious meal which
included prime rib, chicken, soup, salad, dessert, and a beverage. In lieu of a gift exchange members
donated toys for the Marine Corps’ Annual Toys for Tots Program. Sgt Marcos Peralez and LCPL Nathan
Pastor, who attended our meeting and Christmas Party, thanked everyone for their generous
contributions. All toys collected were given to local military families. A total of $92.00 was collected for
the raffle held in support of the Scholarship Fund. Nancy Gosnell won the 50/50 raffle and donated her
winnings to the Scholarship Fund. Members were provided information about the upcoming NEREA
Convention in New Orleans and the registration deadline and the 3.6% cost of living increase effective 1
December 2011. They were also advised to contact the Navy Exchange Service Command regarding
benefits inquiries. Our next meeting is scheduled for 12:00 p.m., 15 March 2012 at Sizzler’s Restaurant
located at 3755 Murphy Canyon, San Diego, CA.

Barbara Montoya, President


December 3rd was a rather warm late fall day when the NEREA Tristate chapter met for their noon
Holiday luncheon at La Piazza Trattoria on Staten Island. All of the 26 attendees were already in a festive
mood and lively discussions centered on preparations for the upcoming Christmas, Hanukkah and New
Year Holydays. For lunch, the chef outdid himself with generous portions covered with a delicious sauce
that caused “no agita”. Lunch was followed by our usual Entenmanns desert table and piping hot coffee.

Art LaValle brought us up to date on the strong position of our pension plan, despite the wide swings
in the volatile financial markets. Needless to say everyone was eager to get the 3.6% COLA increase
coming in the January checks. Bill Butler strongly encouraged attendees to come to the 2012 NEREA
convention in New Orleans to be with old friends and see this great old city. He reminded everyone to
send in their 2012 dues as well as a contribution to the NEREA Scholarship fund. As usual, about 40
Christmas gifts were collected to be sent to our service members overseas. The meeting was adjourned
at 2:45 so everyone could go Christmas shopping. The next Q Tristate meeting will be at 12 noon on April
14 at La Piazza.

Submitted by Bill Butler


Greetings to all and Happy New Year from the Virginia Tidewater chapter. As we move on to the New
Year we look forward to growing our member numbers. December meeting was not held at the Golden
Corral due to the ALA meeting on 12/1/11. Special thanks to Noelia Rosario for coordinating a Holiday
outing, consisting of a show (Holiday Melody) sponsored by the Virginia Musical Theatre and presented
at the Sandler Center for the Performing Arts at the Town Center. This was followed by dinner at Bravo’s
Italian restaurant. The January 2012 meeting was focused on ways to increase membership at the local
chapter, and on the national level. Call up invitations to attend monthly meeting continues to be the best
approach thus far. Jim Carbone won the 50/50 raffle and Nancy Collette won the Golden Corral meal
voucher. We look forward to our 2 February 2012 meeting.

Bob Elszy, President



Hope you and your families had a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, but here we are in
February 2012, baseball season will be starting soon and Spring Training is just up the road.
Very quiet in South Florida, lots of seasonal visitors, they bring money to the area. It helps the economy
in South Florida and we should be smiling. You stay out of their way and do not drive until after Easter.
We need a driving school for folks that move to Florida. They have a different driving system in the Tri-
State area, than we have in South Florida. So until after Easter keep all the kids and old folks of the
streets. These seasonal visitors drive on the sidewalks, in the canals, into banks and restaurants and run
over the stop sign. No one stops at red lights, warning signs and caution signs are never used.
But we love them and they spend money in our towns and resorts area. Many thanks. We wish they
would buy some of the homes that are underwater.

Our next meeting of NEREA South Florida is schedule for 11 March 2012 at my home, have 18 RSVP
at this time. The chapter has been working very hard to collect funds from our members for the NEREA
Scholarship Program, and we should have a nice check for the convention.

Hope everyone is going to New Orleans for the yearly NEREA Convention. Food and drink are always
great in New Orleans. Never had a bad visit to that town.

Hope to see you there, hey you will have a good time and laugh.

Don Cook - President





Does the mailing label on this NEREA NEWS has a (-08) or (-09) or (10), or higher number after your name?  Each one has a significant meaning, and tells you that was the last year you paid dues.  It there is an -08, your dues for the current year 2009 have not been paid. Again, the NEREA membership will be reviewed to determine retirees that are delinquent in their dues.  Please, consider this:  NEREA has continued to send you the quarterly NEREA NEWS newsletter, although printing and mailing costs have escalated, and your fellow retirees with current dues have had to bear the cost for you!

Any member with delinquent dues will be dropped from the NEREA membership and mailing list
.  When you send in your back dues, remember to include dues for 2009, which were due last January.  Dues are $10.00 for each year.  Dropping someone from the mailing list is a difficult decision, but a necessary one from a financial standpoint.


NEREA Membership Committee