2015 Officer Ballot


Election Ballot

Please click and print out the ballot for the upcoming officer election. Mark your vote for a listed candidate or write-in vote. Return no later than January 2016 to:


Box 62189,

Virginia Beach, Virginia 23466-2189


Results will be announced at the NEREA Convention in Scottsdale, Arizona – 15-19 May 2016 and will be published in the NEREA Newsletter Summer 2016 issue.

Pop Up Clause

Many individuals receiving a monthly pension check, chose at the time of retirement, to have their pension check reduced to provide for a Survivor Benefit.  The reduction normally amounts to 10% of what the individual would have received if there was no Survivor Benefit.

There is a provision in the Pension Plan, commonly referred to as the Pop-Up Clause, which provides that, if the designated survivor were to pass away before the retired annuitant, the retired annuitant's monthly payment will be recalculated upward to reflect the fact the a survivors' benefit would no longer be paid.

If the individual you have designated to receive a survivors' benefit passes away, you should immediately notify the Human Resources Group at NEXCOM by calling 757-440-4718.

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Shopping on line

Authorized NEX retirees (20 years +) may purchase from the Exchange via phone or web. To access the on line shopping site, go to

You then must enter your date of birth (DOB) and Social Security Number (SSN) for validation.

If you are denied access, call the NEX Customer Outreach Center at 800-733-5142 for assistance. They will verify your record and enter required missing information into the data base (DOB and/or SSN) so you can shop on line.
If your record is missing or cannot be verified, you should contact NEXCOM Code H (Shirley Beasley) at 1-800-884-9459 ext. 4736 to resolve.

Your Benefits Information

Routine requests for information concerning your retirement benefits or medical coverage is now available for Navy Exchange Retirees by the use of a toll free telephone number. The NEXCOM toll free number is 1-888-639-2363

Please note the applicable Associate when calling for assistance.

Ms. Emi Zoppy -  Benefits Insurance Examiner

Technical questions or requests for information and/or specific actions are more effective if they are submitted in writing to:


It is suggested you retain copies of all your benefits correspondence for your records and future reference. If you have difficulty contacting the respective department listed above, please advise NEREA in writing at
PO Box 62189, Virginia Beach, VA, 23466-2189.



It is very important that NEXCOM be informed of the death of a retired associate. Often a deceased retiree may have a life insurance policy from NEXCOM that cannot be paid until the beneficiary or family member notifies NEXCOM and provides the necessary documents.  NEXCOM informs John Hancock regarding the pension and NEREA to publish the name in the NEWSLETTER. There have been times when deceased retirees were not listed in our newsletter because NEXCOM was not informed of the death.

Please send the notification to the NEXCOM point of contact found on the last page of the newsletter