NEXCOM retirees enrolled in the DoD NAF Health Plan have their own website:

As you are aware, the medical plan implemented a new Health Incentive Credit (HIC) Program this year.  The Health Risk Assessment (HRA) is still a part of the HIC program.  It  takes approx. 15 minutes to complete.  With the new HIC Program, one must first complete an HRA before they are eligible to begin earning  HICs. Click here to view a document with instructions that will make it easier for folks to go on line and do the assessment.

Biometric Screening
As part of the HIC program, HICs can be earned by having a Biometric Screening completed. This screening tests for metabolic syndrome. Metabolic syndrome is  a group of five risk factors that raise your risk of developing conditions such as heart disease and diabetes. The screening for metabolic syndrome includes bloodwork and a waist circumference measurement. If folks have the screening done by April 1, the HIC is $150.  After April 1 and before November 30, the HIC earned for the biometric screening is $100. They can have the screening done now, but before the HIC is applied to their account, they must have completed the HRA.

ONSITE BIOMETRIC SCREENING - (Registration deadlines vary by location -- Some as soon as February 16.  See attached document of locations and dates.   All onsite biometric screening dates are in March)

Retirees can avail themselves of onsite screenings (events hosted by NEXCOM & other NAFs) by registering online at www. > clicking on the Wellness & Resources tab > clicking on the left side of the page on Metabolic Syndrome & Biometric Screenings.    They will need to register on this site by following the directions on the page (they will need the registration key and their W number on their member ID card in order to register) and by going to the on My.QuestForHealth link on this page. 

To determine where the onsite screenings will be held, click on the arrow that shows the schedules of the hosting locations, dates and times.  There are directions on how to register for onsite screenings or screenings at Quest Centers throughout the United States (Aetna International retirees will need to go to the website and select Physicians Results Form.  It is important to note that if the Physicians Results Formis used, the doctor may charge a copay for an office visit and possibly a fee for filling out the form).

Contact the Quest Customer Support at 1-855-623-9355, Monday - Friday7:00am - 8:30pm CST and Saturday 7:30am - 4pm CST; or contact via email at

Note:  Retirees are not required to do onsite screenings or complete the screenings.  It is a voluntary program.  If they decide to get the screenings at an onsite event or at a Quest Center and they register for the screening on, they will not have to pay for the screening.  The medical plan is picking up the fee.  They will receive a report of their results and can have the results faxed to their physician.  Click here to see a sample of the report.

Click here to view the step by step instructions on how to do the aforementioned.

One last note on Biometric Screenings. . . these are FASTING screenings.  

Long Term Care
CNA Insurance will no longer be taking new enrollments into the plan as of February 1.  Current participants will continue to enjoy the same benefits they have today and can continue to keep their coverage with CNA.  Please click here to see the document that shows CNA's new contact information. 

We are announcing a new Long Term Care plan to the NEXCOM Enterprise in the Spring.  Retirees can enroll now if they choose.  It is the Federal Long Term Care Plan.  Enrollees will need to complete a long form and the insurance carrier, John Hancock will have final approval.  This plan is an OPM plan; not a DoD plan.  To learn more or apply, go to




Estate Resolution Services and Will Preperation

Estate Resolution Services and Will Preperation are available (free of cost) to our retirees enrolled in NEXCOM's life insurance program.  Metlife provides these services to you through Hyatt Legal Services.  Their number is 1-800-821-6400.  NEXCOM Group #109800.  To use these services, you will need to give them the group number.  Click on the documents below to learn more:


Will Preparation Service

Estate Resolution Services FAQ



Navy Exchange Retired Employee Association Board of Directors Meeting
DECEMBER 16, 2014

Attending this meeting are the following::

Bill Harper, Herb Friedland, Mario Canu, Bob Mc Roberts, George Horey, Jim Kautz, Jan Van Heiningen, Tom Cunningham, Patricia Byrne, Noella Rosario Colangelo, Alan Groffman, Raye Eaton, Naomi Thompson and .Jane Hoffmann.

1. Meeting called to order by President Bill Harper at 1900 hours.

2. Pledge of Allegiance, followed by a moment of silence for deceased members.

3. Minutes of BOD meeting of September 16, 2014 corrected and approved from BOD meeting..
President Bill Harper introduced Mario Canu as the new Vice President.
Herb Friedland our present VP is stepping down at the end of his term.

4. Introduction of Guest Speaker Retired Peggy Vitola, former head of Human Resources by Bill Harper.


a. Ms. Vitola discussed NEXCOM Retirement Trust Matters and NAF Health Program thru AETNA - Out of Pocket Changes.

b. 18 % of Companies Ms. Vitola stated have pensions similar to our Pension. Ms. Vitola noted Cola’s are not guaranteed. Ms. Vitola is very knowledgeable regarding our Pension Fund. We asked Ms. Vitola to join us as one of our BOD members.

c. NAF Program discussed by Ms. Vitola. The health plan goes out for a bid and AETNA won the bid for 2015. The increase in costs for 2015 are a 14% increase for active employees and retirees. The increase in Prescription drugs (Tier 4) is almost doubled. example Take diabetic stripes for testing Diabetes 2; Cost for 50 stripes (2014) increases from $20.00 to $35.00 for 2015.

d. We should let our CEO know that we are not pleased with the rising costs of increasing our medical coverage every year.

5. Treasurer’s Scholarship (Jan Van Heiningen) Fund Report for YTD 2014. Scholarship Fund Balance $24,571.77. 8 checks were dispersed on 8/14/2014 for 8 students totaling $16.000.00
No ALA contribution to date.

6. Treasurer’s Report and Membership (Tom Cunningham) follows:
Savings account balance : 11/30/14 - $21,314.01
Navy Federal CD balance: 09/30/14 -$10,425.95
Checking account balance 12/09/14 - $ 6,130.47

7. NEXCOM Retirement Seminars Update - Bob Mc Robert’s: gave 2 presentations on December 18, 2014 at NEXCOM Headquarters to prospective retirees.. Presentation included a 12 slide showing of the following:


1. NEREA Established 1993.

2. Only Official Representative of Retirees.

3. NEREA is not part of NEXCOM

4. Mission to Promote fellowship

5. Support Scholarships

6. Yearly Conventions

7. Protect Pension

8. NEXCOM pays first year dues.

9. Quarterly News Letter - available on line (NEREA WEB SITE)

10. NEXCOM Initiatives affecting retirees - MET LIFE offers a free Will

11. CHAPTERS OF NEREA - locations.

12. Retirement Trust - well funded.

8. Bill and Herb discussed change of site of convention from NASHVILLE, TN to San Antonio, TX.
The hotel costs in NASHVILLE has risen considerable over the past few years due to its increase of tourism. Retirees agreed and voted on San Antonio, TX. Convention dates are: 5/17-5/22/2015.
Hotel selected is the WYNDHAM located directly on the famous RiverWalk site.
Rates are $129.00 per night plus 16.7% tax; this includes free Breakfast. Price is good for two days before and after. convention. Contract has been signed and a newsletter will go out shortly with itinerary of events included. Cut off date for reservations is 4/17/2015.

9. A discussion to redesign our Web Site resulted in an overwhelming vote yes. Bill Harper will discuss changes with our Web Designer Jeff Harrity including how to password our site.

Deadline for our Newsletter information /input follows:
WINTER - SPRING 3/15/2015
SUMMER 7/15/2015
FALL 11/15/2015

Our next meeting is scheduled for MARCH 17, 2015.:

Bill Harper closed meeting 2130.







Dear NEXCOM Retiree:

Many of us are efficient in our daily lives and have kept good records during our working years, but most of us leave very inadequate and/or incomplete information regarding our economic and personal affairs when we die, causing additional grief and problems for our beneficiary/surviving spouse. When and how your benefits will be paid and how your estate will be settled subsequent to your demise is your responsibility. We urge you to you use the below guidelines to prepare a checklist and share it with your beneficiary and/or surviving spouse. This checklist will be invaluable to your beneficiary when you pass. You should, store this information in a safe place so it will be available for possible revisions by you and later by your family.



If you enrolled for basic and special life insurance policies during your NEXCOM employment (money you elected to have survivor benefits deducted from your monthly retirement check, your beneficiary should be advised of this benefit and the monthly dollar value. (Some restrictions may apply if the beneficiary is under 60 years of age at the time of your death.)

Is the name you originally selected as the beneficiary to receive your retirement annuity, basic and special life insurances, still valid? You can call or write to NEXCOM (at phone number/address shown below) to verify that the name of your beneficiary/surviving spouse is current, and if not current, provide a person of your choice at this time.


Discuss and provide a list for your beneficiary of the organizations that should be notified in the event of your untimely death. This list should include but not limited to:

• NEXCOM/ John Hancock (for retirement annuity)/ Bank/ Credit Unions/Investment firms/
Mortgage company/Local Social Security office./ Private sector Health or Life Insurance

NEXCOM will help:
For insurance information, reporting your death or obtaining benefits information, your beneficiary can contact

Toll free phone number: 1-888-639-2363
Mailing address: Navy Exchange Service Command, Retirement Section, Department HR, 3280
Virginia Beach Blvd, Virginia Beach , VA 23462-5724
If you have any questions or doubts concerning your earned benefits, call NEXCOM and they will gladly answer
any questions you have concerning your benefits.


“Retirees and/or beneficiaries should contact NEXCOM Human Resources Group on the toll free number, 1-888-639-2363 for all benefit plan issues. Notification on the toll free number enables the most efficient and effective processing of entitlements due to the retiree and /or beneficiary.

NEXCOM HR will notify the insurance carriers and forward appropriate forms to you for completion"

The above comments related to your NEXCOM retiree benefits are not intended to be all inclusive of action(s) that should be taken to assist you and/or your beneficiaries. Remember, it is your responsibility to provide NEXCOM with all applicable information relating to your NEXCOM retirement benefits.


The Navy Exchange Retired Employees Association (NEREA) is providing this information as a courtesy to all NEXCOM
retirees worldwide. NEREA members receive a newsletter quarterly. Won’t you join us ? If you want to join over 2,000 of
your fellow NEXCOM retirees, please complete the NEREA dues coupon on the last page of this newsletter and with a dues
check made payable to NEREA and forward it to the address indicated on the coupon.. For membership processing accuracy,
please write ‘new’ on the coupon to depict new membership. Dues are $10.00 annually and the $5.00 one time admin fee for
new members has been waived!




• Do you have a will? Have circumstances changed that may necessitate a change be made to your original will? This may require professional assistance to ensure any changes are legally acceptable. Does your beneficiary, spouse or a responsible family member know where your will, or at least a copy, is located and have legal access to it?

• Have you discussed with your beneficiary or family members your wishes concerning funeral arrangements, such as which Funeral Home do you prefer? If you prefer a wake has the number of viewing days and/or evenings been discussed? Cremation? Type of service such as church, funeral home or grave site (cemetery).

• If you served in the military or retired from the military you may want to consider burial in a Veterans Cemetery, which will also include your spouse. For information concerning internment in a Veterans Cemetery, go to their website National Cemetery Administration, and click on the state or the eligibility link In some instances you may be eligible for financial assistance. For burial allowance information call 1-800-827-1000. It is suggested this be done as soon as possible since the process may take several days. Your military honorable discharge document will be required.

• If you were employed
or retired from a private sector company, they should be advised in the event of possible financial gain due you, such as unused accrued vacation/sick leave, company stock, etc.

• Do you have bank account(s) or personal property such as real estate, automobile(s), boat, etc. in your name only, (which is not part of your will,) which could create a problem in the event of a probate hearing? Consider amending your will to preclude any
legal problems.

• It is suggested you visit the website of the a 50 state non- profit organization that can probably answer any question or assist in resolving most problems that occur when there is an untimely death.

• If you had selected to have survivor benefits deducted from your monthly retirement check and unfortunately your beneficiary dies, then NEXCOM need to be notified so that the survivor benefit deduction can be discontinued.

Be prepared, PLEASE!

For more information, Click below:











DOD Retiree ID card approved



Navy Exchange retirees can now be issued the standard DoD Common Access Card (CAC) Identification Card.  This ID card will facilitate retirees accessing DoD installations and MWR facilities and should resolve the problem many retirees have getting on base.  


Any Navy Exchange System retiree can get a CAC card – regardless of years of service with the Exchange System.  The CAC card can be used for base access and access to MWR facilities.  Retirees with shopping privileges must still present the Exchange shopping card to access base exchanges. 


Dependents of retirees cannot receive CAC cards at this time, and DoD has noted that the CAC ID card does not guarantee base access and access to MWR facilities. Installation Commanding Officers have the discretion to restrict access for reasons such as local demand, facility capacity, and security concerns.    


To get a CAC card, retirees must go to a DoD CAC issuing office, with 2 forms of identification, at least one of which must be a photo ID.  A list of all DoD CAC issuing offices and telephone numbers is on the internet at:


Many CAC sites strongly prefer and may require that appointments be made on-line ahead of time.  Internet links to the appointment scheduling system of most CAC sites

are at:


Because this process is very new, and different CAC offices may have different requirements, it is recommended that retirees call ahead of time to verify the appointment and ID requirements - especially if traveling a long distance to get the ID card.  In the unlikely event a retiree is not in the CAC office database necessary to issue an ID card, they can contact Susan Mirabella in NEXCOM Human Resources for assistance at 757-440-4767.   





Every year NEREA receives letters from many NEX retirees asking basically two questions. (1) Do I owe dues and if so how much, and (2) Why doesn’t NEREA send out notices when dues are owed!  Let’s take #2 first.  To send out dues notices to all NEREA members, postage alone would be approximately $1,000, plus the printing and labor involved. Now for #1:  As for dues owed information, you receive that information four times a year when you receive the quarterly NEREA NEWS newsletter.  On the back page in your mailing address there will be a figure after your name and it will look like this; Mary M. Retiree-09.   The 09 indicates your dues are paid through the year 2009.  If it was -07 or -08, it would be years 2007 and 2008, respectively, and also would mean you are in arrears in your dues. Dues are $10.00 annually, and are due in January each year.

THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT    Every year NEREA reviews all member’s dues status.  Your dues are very important to the Association.  Without your dues there would be no quarterly NEREA NEWS, and, in addition, 25% of your dues goes to the NEREA Scholarship Fund and is used to financially assist a youngster of a retiree on his or her way to their first year of college.  When a member’s dues are in arrears, (remember your mailing label will reflect your current dues status) the member is subject to being dropped from the NEREA Association as well as the mailing list.   The question becomes “How can NEREA continue its Newsletter mailings to those members that are no longer paying dues?” Please don’t let that happen to you.  If you are behind on your dues please make an effort to get them current by 1 October before the annual dues survey is conducted.  NEREA needs you and you need NEREA as it is the only association that watches out for the Navy Exchange retiree.








Is the retiree required at date of retirement to elect his/her spouse for Survivor Benefits or is there a grace period after retirement that the decision can be made, and if so, how long?

A married retiree is not required to elect a survivor benefit. However, the decision to elect or waive the spouse survivor benefit must be made before the retirement benefit becomes payable.

If a retiree had elected a 10% reduction in his/her annuity to provide a Survivor Benefit to their spouse, and they are subsequently divorced and the retiree remarries, can the new spouse be eligible for Survivor Benefit?

Yes. If a retiree divorces and remarries, he/she may elect a survivor benefit to the new spouse providing he/she notifies NEXCOM within one year of the remarriage.

To the above question, what happens to the 10% monies deducted prior to divorce?

The retiree's annuity is restored to its full amount including accumulated cost of living adjustments. There is no refund for the 10% reduction withheld prior to the divorce.

If a retiree has named his spouse the beneficiary for Survivor Benefits  and the 10% reduction has been taken from his annuity for several years and spouse dies before the retiree what happens to the 10% that has been deducted over the years.

See Answer to Question 3 above.

If a retiree was not married at the time of official retirement date and had never named a Survivor Benefit and subsequently married years later will the spouse  be eligible for Survivor Benefit?

Yes. A retiree who marries after the retirement has one year from the date of his/her marriage to elect the survivor benefit.

Does the Survivor Benefit beneficiary have to be the retirees' spouse, or can another person be named?

A single retiree may elect a survivor benefit to a named person with an insurable interest.  The retirement benefit is reduced by 10% with an additional 5% reduction for each full five years by which the named person is younger that the retiree.
A married retiree can only elect a survivor benefit to his/her spouse.